On the heels of Dendreon, another big hit in Seattle?

On the heels of Dendreon’s FDA product approval & stunning growth, another company is looking to solidify a banner year for the Seattle life sciences community.

Seattle Genetics, locally known as SeaGen, will release results from two important trials in the coming weeks: one for an experimental leukemia treatment called lintuzumab, followed within weeks by results from two trials of their lead drug candidate (brentuximab vedotin) for lymphoma. Wall Street is expecting success for the lymphoma drug, but positive results for the leukemia treatment could turn 2010 into a landmark year for the 13-year-old biotechnology company.

Lintuzumab was licensed in 2005 from Protein Design Labs, while the lymphoma drug is partnered with Takeda. Seattle Genetics plans to potentially file for FDA regulatory approval of both drugs in the first half of 2011.


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